Kim West

I am passionate about helping people achieve their best sleep, as sleep is one of the most foundational elements of living your life fully. I have had 2 phases of life, when I suffered from insomnia, and I know how hindering and frustrating poor sleep can be.


WHAT I DO THAT IS PARTICULARLY VAULABLE: Have you ever tried to change a habit for your own good, but got nowhere in making lasting change? You are not alone. Knowing what is needed for good sleep (or any other self improvement goal) and creating lasting, positive change is another matter, entirely. Overcoming the brain’s natural resistance to making change is very real. I excel at helping you overcome the obstacles to your self-improvement efforts, as I am essentially a habit-change specialist.

MY COACHING PHILOSOPHY: I believe that people are resourceful and capable beings, who have their own inner wisdom. It is my coaching philosophy that I act as a guide and support to help you unlock these strengths, so that you are empowered and enjoy lasting, positive results from our collaboration. I help you discover the root cause to your sleep challenge, and together we devise a series of pro-sleep, customized action plans that fit your lifestyle.


  • Holistic Sleep Coach for Adults – International Parenting and Health Institute
  • Integrative Life Coach – International Association of Counselors & Therapists
  • Guided Imagery Master – Hypnosis Motivation Institute

MY PERSONAL LIFE: I am a mom of two young adults, enjoy international travel, the arts, animals, hiking and paddle boarding. I have lived in various areas of the US and currently enjoy a life full of sunshine and warmth in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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