Donna Ferguson is the CEO and Founder of Unique Vibrations.

Donna is the creator of the Collective Coaches Channel and host and producer of Accelerating Your Future Life weekly Show, the Producer of the Extraordinary Women’s Interview Series, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Psychic Protection Healer, Published Author, Behaviour Breakthrough Specialist working in a deep level of spiritual connection, self-belief and universal law applications to break through limitations and habitual behaviours while working on herself and practicing what she teaches daily.


Working primarily with women after experiencing domestic violence at age 21, Donna found it was necessary to find a way to provide the affected souls of women with guidance to pursue their hidden gifts with confidence, value, and self-worth. This was for those who had lost their voice, their certainty, their determination, their passion for and any real meaning of life.

Settling into motherhood and focusing on that journey, Donna left her educational journey of life until well into her 40’s, proving it’s never too late to start. This is where Donna discovered her real truth, voice, confidence, and purpose in life.

After identifying proven techniques and strategies with her hypnotherapy, she started to understand the power of energy and vibration to shift alignment mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually and unlock the genie within.

Donna’s vision is to create 100 Millionaires in 2020 by helping others to pursue their right to success, wealth and so much more through the power of understanding the true key to manifesting.

Donna believes she was given the life she has and the experience of the trauma of Domestic Violence so she could create change for women and men to become leaders and entrepreneurs they deserve to be without fear.

After all, we were all born to be equal energy, and live an extraordinary life.

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