Karen Glavin
Karen Glavin has been working in the Hypnosis industry for 27 years. She was originally introduced to Hypnosis by her brother who quit smoking in 1 session. He convinced Karen to use hypnosis when she was needing to end an emotionally abusive marriage and did not think she had the strength to do it. Karen had so much self-doubt, fear, and 4 little children that she did not think she could raise them on her own. Karen had been a stay-at-home mom for 14 years.


Hypnosis is not something that Karen thought of to help her with her challenges as she was a Christian and did not believe in the process. Her brother educated her in what the bible really says verse what she thought it was.
Karen finally decided to get hypnotized, after 3 or 4 sessions she decided the world needed to know about hypnosis because of the drastic changes she had experienced. Her marriage fortunately or unfortunately did not survive but Karen and those 4 children did. A business was born. Karen was able to continue to raise her children, work from home seeing clients, and helping them as much as she was helped.
Karen was able to be room parent in her children’s school and team mom for their sports as she was able to have a flexible schedule because she was self-employed. Karen did her best to work when the kids where busy experiencing their lives.
Karen is a Consulting Hypnotist, Sports Hypnotist, Peak Performance Expert, and an accredited Professional Public Speaker through SMJ Coaching. Karen has also led a Divorce Care Program in her church for the past 14 years, has helped several hundred participants overcome the devastation of divorce, and move on to a healthier happier life. Karen’s tag line is #bringbackyourjoy, that’s exactly who she is, and what she does.

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