Sharon Jurd had a vision – to offer people an opportunity to have more time, more money and more life. This vision partnered with her passion to help led her to a coaching career. She saw coaching as an avenue to share what she knows so she can help more people build careers and grow businesses.

It wasn’t always easy – When Sharon was starting her own business, like everyone else, she was lost and had no direction. With her lack of skill, she struggled to make the right decisions. During her journey, she encountered numerous problems, problems that should have discouraged her from reaching her goals. But this didn’t happen, not for Sharon Jurd. She was steadfast in her desire to achieve success and she persevered despite everything and tackled every circumstance that may have stopped her from becoming the person she wanted to be.

Her dedication was rewarded because now, Sharon Jurd is a successful entrepreneur in Australia and all over the world. Furthermore, she is also the best-selling author of two books entitled How to Grow Your Business Faster Than Your Competitor and Extraordinary Women in Franchising as well as a sought-after growth specialist, speaker and coach.

Sharon’s business grew Sharon has now been coaching for many years to over 120 industries. The success of her business is a result of her proven systems and processes and as a coach with a genuine desire to help, she is willing to share everything she knows about growing a business and making it successful with all her clients. Sharon’s commitment to help is second to none because despite her busy schedule, juggling career, business and family she still manages to invest in herself so she always has something fresh and new to offer to her clients. She is a strong believer of continued learning, a driving force that has led her to enjoy the life she is living now, in total abundance.

Sharon is a great listener and this is why she makes a great coach. In her coaching, she will take the time to really listen to all of your challenges no matter how trivial you think they may be. She not only wants to help you, Sharon also wants to get to know you and this is why she would love to get to know everything about you and your business.

As a coach, Sharon aims to build self-awareness so you can gain insight as to what is really going on in your life and in your business. Acknowledging the good and the bad is critical if you want to move in the direction that will lead you to success.

Today she is now sharing her knowledge, expertise and experience to others because she wants them to be successful speakers and coaches and build profitable careers out of it. Sharon’s experiences led her to create systems and processes that are able to hone budding and even veteran coaches to be the best in the industry, teaching them strategies and techniques that will make them effective and influential. Partnering with Sharon will motivate you to become a problem solver and adaptable to change resulting in resilience and agility.

Sharon is a fun-loving person and with her spirited personality, she can make learning fun. Sharon has a knack of motivating and inspiring people in unconventional ways. It is her utmost desire that you see real changes in your life and business that is why she will push you to become the best version of yourself so you can see and experience real results.

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