My name is Daniela Bradtke and I am located in the Riverland in South Australia with my two children. My country of origin is Germany, which I have left in 2007 to build a new life in Australia. Living in the country benefits us more than the hectic life of the city. We enjoy being so close to nature and connecting to people who love the simple life.


After my separation, I spent lots of time trying to figure out life itself and how I still fitted in. It was hard work and I took a long time to get back on my feet without the direct support of my family. However, the hardest task was to be there for my children, answer their questions and get them used to and comfortable with the new routine that I had not quite figured out myself.

With time I learned that one of the best things I could do for myself is practice self-care, not just every now and then… regularly! By practicing self-care, I regained my balance and focus and was able to respond to my children the way they needed me to. Another huge factor adding to my wellbeing was seeking mental support.

In the process of healing and recovering, I have learned a lot about myself and how easy it is to get trapped in a relationship that does not serve you well.

My empathy for others who might experience the same made me passionate and determined to help and support them. But I don’t stop there! I also help people to achieve their goal in weight loss, life events, relationships/separation, or business. Taking on a life or business’s changing journey always starts with the first step. My job is to cheer them on, keep them motivated and celebrate every milestone they have achieved along the way. Anything is possible.

My coaching is based on my personal experiences. Working on the right mindset, eliminating limiting beliefs and negativity as well as personalised strategic coaching is the key to a successful outcome with massive results.

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