Nicole Weber
Nicole is a bestselling author, executive coach, renowned speaker and mental performance coach for athletes and executives in the USA and Germany. As a former seasoned executive in the reinsurance industry and the CEO of two successful businesses she knows that every business is a people’s business.


Nicole is passionate about helping athletes and executives get to where they want to be and become the most successful and performant versions of themselves. When working with equestrians up to an Olympian level her extensive knowledge of riding, horses and their treatment comes in very handy.

Nicole is qualified as a certified hypnosis instructor, hypnotherapist, mental performance coach, equine assisted mental health practitioner, executive coach, centered riding instructor, equine osteopath and a licensed mental health counselor (Germany). She holds a diploma degree in Social Sciences and Business Administration.

Having spent more than 2 decades in the financial sector, she was looking for another challenge in another industry. So she opened a psychotherapy practice in Germany and later a coaching business in The US. Her vast experience as a VP of Hannover Re, where she was responsible for the US program business, helps her understand the challenges of executives in an international environment. Being successful isn’t possible without getting out of your head and being mentally strong – be that in sports, in business or life. Nicole’s diverse background allows her to analyze her client’s situation quickly and ask the questions needed so that her clients are able to come up with solutions needed to reach their set goals.

She has spoken at conferences all over the globe for the last 10 years.  As a certified hypnosis instructor she offers hypnosis certificate and self-hypnosis courses as well as advanced hypnosis training, including sports hypnosis. Nicole is the renowned founder of Equihypnose®, a programm for equestrians. Her books „Equihypnose® – Wege aus der Angst beim Reiten“ and „Equihypnose ® – Trainingsprogramm für besseres Reiten“ are currently being translated into English.

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