Karen Clark

Business owner for 35+ years in varied industries, (mainly male-dominated industries), where I started and grew own businesses, trained staff, implemented systems, went from manual to online businesses.


With over 35 years of hands-on entrepreneurial business experience, Karen Lynne Clark has the know-how to help business owners achieve exponential results – even when operating in the toughest of conditions, causing life to flow more easily and effortlessly. Karen is a business Trainer & Facilitator who is real, raw, and has the on-the-ground, in-the-trenches experience having built several of her own businesses to 7 figures. Her toolbox full of tools and techniques work to prevent burnout & stress for ‘Superwomen’ by adding a unique spin from the quantum side of life.

Karen works mainly with female business owners in male-dominated industries, to go from mediocre to extraordinary life mastering the power of their subconscious mind to accelerate their rate of success and understand how to achieve their most desired results.

Karen’s clients learn how to smash through the glass ceiling with the power of laser-focused energy, commitment and unwavering belief in themselves.  She teaches her clients the “Art and Science of Transformation” and helps them to realise their dreams.

Karen is an International Coach, speaker and presenter specialising in Quantum Physics & the Universal Laws

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