Sally Barker

Specialising in Peak Performance Mindset Coaching, Sally has embraced Hypnotherapy, Mental Toughness Coaching, and other Modern Techniques as gold-medal tools for peak performance.


Before finding her passion in hypnosis and mindset coaching, Sally worked as a broadcast journalist and senior reporter in television and radio, served on the board of the Women & Infants Research Foundation, and worked as an Executive Support officer at the Department of Sport and Recreation.

Sally has a special talent for connecting with people on a deep level uncovering the underlying truths that prevent them from performing at their peak, which allows her to help high achievers break free from self-doubt, anxiety, and negative thinking so they can live and work with confidence, mental toughness, and joy.

Sally’s certifications include, but are not limited to: Clinical Hypnotherapy, Sports Hypnosis, Peak Performance Mindset Coaching, and Advanced & Master Conversational Hypnosis.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Cultural Studies from Curtin University, Western Australia, and a Diploma of Mass Communication from The Australian Institute for University Studies.

She is also the mum to twin girls who came into the world 3-months early with no guarantee they would survive. So, it’s safe to say, as a high achiever herself, she understands the stress and anxiety that comes with having to think clearly under pressure to maintain an element of self-awareness, reign in overacting emotions, and create a happy and healthy life.

Sally has also Authored the Book Double Happiness Multiplied – What you need to know about having Twins, Triplets, and Quads and is the host of the limited season podcast Double Happiness Multiplied – the Complete Guide to Enjoying Your Multiple Pregnancy and Building a Happy, Healthy Family Life where she interviewed Obstetricians, Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialists, Multiple Births Experts, Neonatal Intensive Consultants, Care Critical Care Specialists, a Diabetes Educator, Infant Sleep Consultants, a number of Mental Health experts, and parents of multiples.  

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