Building 7 figure businesses online and offline is what I love to help entrepreneurs do, I’m a serial entrepreneur myself as well as an executive coach and mentor to business owners all over the world.


Irene Lidvall saw success early in her career soon after she retired from her job as a tour guide in Europe. After several years as a tour guide, she decided she wanted more so she upped her game and pursued her ambition to make a living while still owning her life and having the control to live it as she saw fit.

After retiring from tour guiding, her tour guiding company, one of Scandinavia’s largest charter travel company, headhunted her back to become the Vice President for the company in Sweden, in addition to a seat on the Board in Denmark. From being a tour guide with no pressure to all of a sudden being in charge of the budget, staff, marketing and negotiating with airlines and bus companies, she ended up with a very high pressure and demanding job. She made a lot of money but she barely had the time to enjoy the fruits of her labour.

She soon moved to New York and started an accessory business called “Be Brilliant” – it was a strategic way to balance out affordability without losing the luxury look. Irene didn’t plan to become a brand and a success but she did. In fact, she was featured in famous magazines such as Elle and Woman’s World.

But it didn’t end there for Irene. She used her background knowledge on textiles and launched her second business called “Ragtrade”. She used her skills, passion and hunger for innovation to make this business thrive. In less than a year, her Ragtrade business turned over a total of one million dollars.

You could say success was tied to Irene’s name. However, it was a relationship breakup that led her to financial ruin. Her partner embezzled most of their working capital and disappeared, which left her with no choice but to fold the company. It was the lowest point in her life but what made Irene admirable was her determination to never give up. Despite having earned millions in her career and having that taken away and replaced with a $20/hour job, it’s remarkable how she can still find optimism in her situation.

Slowly but surely, Irene made her way because she knows that the systems and processes she built in all her businesses still worked. It was due to this realisation that motivated her to launch a coaching and mentoring business in 2012 called Secrets To Women’s Success. In 2013 and 2014, she published her book titled Secrets To Women’s Success, Dare To Win.

Irene hopes that her struggles and her successes will inspire and teach others the secrets and strategies to become successful entrepreneurs. She believes that business is a form of art and that you need both skills and the right tools to make it thrive. She channels her passion by helping women create successful businesses both online and offline.

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