Jo Worthy is the inspirational author of Love Worthy, speaker, coach and a passionate facilitator of women’s retreats and workshops.


Jo helps women, particularly those over 40 who are suffering from loss, grief or betrayal and are feeling disillusioned and bored with their life and helps them to recognise that there is so much more happiness that they can be experiencing. These women have often lost their spark and have forgotten how truly magnificent they truly are and they spend too much time in perfectionist or a people-pleasing mode, blocking their ability to live a more joyful and passionate life.

Jo guides women to connect back to their heart and soul and to help each woman to start to believe in themselves once again so that they can feel more confident, energised and more loving towards themselves. This allows each woman to reignite their passion for life, creating more joy, love, abundance and passion and living their own “deliciously divine” magnificent life.

Jo is on a mission to make a difference in women’s life and has created luxurious retreats, workshops, e-courses and weekly masterclasses that also align with her latest book, “Love Worthy – 21 Lessons in Creating A Deliciously Divine Life” All the work that Jo’s offers enables each woman to improve their quality of life, increasing their bliss, connection and fun and at the same time helping soothe and nourish their heart and soul. Jo passionately wants to make a difference in other women’s life by helping and guiding them to really start living the life that they truly deserve – mediocrity is no longer an option.

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