Bronwyn Murphy
At 49 years old, Bronwyn Janet Murphy is ready take on new challenges and adventures. I am Bronwyn and I live the Whitsundays, beautiful one day and perfect next, as the locals like to say.


After living away for 24 years, I moved back to the Whitsundays, the place in which I grew up. During these 24 years, I attended university to study media and international relations, got married, tried unsuccessfully to have children and was given the gift to travel when I joined Qantas in 1995 as an international flight attendant. I travelled the world, met incredible people was fortunate to have had amazing opportunities, something that I have never taken for granted.

I retired from Qantas in 2012 and continued to travel, with my husband, spending large amount of time in Italy and exploring Australia. During this time, I also volunteered, designed and renovated a number of houses and furthered my studies. Pilates, running, hiking, studying, travelling, swimming in the ocean, gardening, snuggling with my dog Chilli and spending time with my family and friends are at the top of m most valued and prized past times list.

My desire to move back home wasn’t immediately clear, apart from wanting to be closer to my Mum, Dad, brother and friends that are my family. It became obvious when my family could no longer shield me from mental and physical health issues that were happening within my immediate family. My lightbulb moments came however, when in a 3-year period, I was drugged and sexually abused, separated and divorced and received an Ovarian Cancer diagnosis. I knew without a doubt that I was exactly where I was supposed to be. With the people who raised me, loved me and would support me to the ends of the earth and back.

Although, I will never forget the deep trauma of my experiences, I have worked tirelessly and determinedly to heal myself. The sexual assault, divorce and cancer are great gifts that the universe put in my path and I have so much gratitude they happened for me, to become the person I am today. Through an abundance of self-love and my tribe of lovers and supporters, I am more alive and electric that ever before and this is my gift to the world. That is why you are reading this today. I am here through my story to heal, to spread the word, to share the great joy, that is the truth.

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