Venessa is passionate about helping you flick that switch in your mind, that’s been holding you back from achieving your goals – your only limitation will be how big you can dream!


Understanding all too well, the frustration of doing all the right things but not getting the right results, Venessa offers an effective, down to earth, light hearted and real approach, enabling you to rewire your brain in order to achieve success.

Imagine that? Overcoming the struggle with Anxiety & Depression, Weight Loss, Self- Esteem & Confidence issues and being able to move forward, feeling free, with the confidence to reach heights you’ve never reached before.

With a background spanning Health & Fitness, Practice & Event Management, Business Development, Pilates, Yoga and Nutrition, Venessa realised that there was something missing, something that would enable you to become more aware of your behaviour, triggers and reactions. Something that could create the changes you so desperately want to make. After all having the education and experience in health and fitness and nutrition had not spared her from weight loss battles, severe Adrenal Exhaustion and self-esteem struggles.

This is where she discovered the power of the subconscious mind and moved into Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Rapid Transformational Therapy; applying science backed, brain based techniques to take you off autopilot and take back control. This was the missing link and this is where her passion lies.

Whether you’re a Mum, Entrepreneur, CEO or Retired, Venessa will enable you to clarify your ‘why’, shift your blocks and move forward in leaps and bounds, by taking the action that produces results. No more procrastination, self sabotage or just not feeling good enough.

Working with Venessa ‘is similar to getting rid of an outdated map and using a refreshed, up to date ‘super map’ that gets you exactly where you want to be’ Angela C.

Venessa loves living in the Sunshine Coast with her partner Louis and daughter Leila. She loves green smoothies, espresso martinis and the steel drums.

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