Alissa Meechan
Alissa is a qualified Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy® Techniques and Hypnotherapy; Practitioner of Forensic Healing; Reiki Master; graduate coach and speaker of SMJ Coaching Institute and a student Practitioner of Energy and Soul Medicine. Her coaching is adapted for your individualised purpose and uses techniques from the modalities above either individually or in combination to best serve you.


2016 saw her consciously aware that she was back in that same dark space that had been consuming her several years earlier. It was in 2010, she was in a place where she was so focused on just getting through each day that she was incapable of realising how badly she was doing, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Thankfully, a compassionate doctor had noticed her struggling and extended a lifeline, but in 2016, that doctor was gone, and she KNEW that if she didn’t speak out and get help, she wasn’t coming back out. Her brother’s suicide in 2005 meant that she was well aware of the repercussions of depression and with this in mind, she chose to speak up and find someone to help her. This time though, her aim was not to manage her issues, but to overcome them once and for all.

Within six months her life had turned around. She no longer identified with having depression or anxiety, was making choices that benefited her and found a zest for life that she hadn’t previously had. Her learning didn’t stop at just being coached. She then went on to learn the practice of Time Line Therapy® which was the catalyst for her life changes. That followed with additional courses to expand her knowledge. Along the way she realised that she didn’t just want to help herself! She had always seen the best in others and now she wanted to use her learnings to help others find the best in themselves as well.

Alissa is available to coach you if you are ready to be accountable for your change. With her guidance you will learn to change your current negative experience by gaining clarity of your thoughts and dreams, gain stability and control of your emotions and obtain the tools you need to create your dream life.

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