Lisa Nardone

Lisa is a Business Owner, Coach, Consultant, Speaker and Facilitator with 30 years experience in community, education, government and small business sectors. She currently manages two successful six-figure businesses, is an active community volunteer and a contributing member of her local business community. Lisa has a wealth of experience in facilitating and supporting change in organisations to achieve growth.  In her spare time, she is a yoga enthusiast, hiker and budding van-lifer.


With a background spanning from sports coach to HPE teacher, public servant to private consultant and successful business owner, Lisa brings knowledge, experience and just a touch of good-natured irreverence to everything she does.

She founded her first award-winning business 12 years ago, based on her passion for word-smithing and helping community groups and businesses achieve their goals. Lisa understands the pressure on organisations and businesses to find the magic dollar, stand out and move forward in an insanely busy world.  She is considered by clients and peers as the ‘go-to’ person for advice and support to create change, facilitate growth and access government funding to support goals.

In 2022 she is a Finalist in the Australian Small Business Awards, The national Ausmumpreneur Awards; the Australian Women’s Small Business Awards and the Roar Success Awards.

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