Timothy Walton
I am a tutor, business owner, a Toastmaster executive and a coach who loves seeing people discover new vision and transformed lives, so exciting. Keen on wholistic health encompassing natural health, self-belief with targeted personal development and working with other related areas. Working with clients, have enjoyed working with entrepreneur business type people among others who are prepared to take action and see their dreams unfold.


I am a tutor, business owner, a Toastmaster executive and a coach
Choosing to become a coach was a journey. Initially following a science stream which I loved. Working 5 years as a fault solving technician fulfilled me for a while, the workplace changed. Right at that moment, was offered a job in Research and development which some had been told would never happen. This was fulfilling for another 5 years. The writing was on the wall and the employer was soon closed the doors.

I already knew my heart yearned for more, and that things would change. After several confirmations I started into a career in education, this was it, or so I thought. I was challenged that there was something, even beyond this, really? First encountered a coach in the Toastmasters group. Interesting, asked questions and was one of two people who chose to connect for paid coaching sessions. These started opening new doors of vision, exciting. Yet he soon was overbooked with clients and I could not continue with him.

Later preparing a lesson, discovered an advertisement with 5 deeper coaching questions, what this was all about. I connected with the organization, then committed to a coaching course. Massive personal development, limiting belief and other blocks cleared all toward becoming a qualified coach. Have found coaching very fulfilling, particularly as clients transform their lives and do what they thought wasn’t possible, so exciting.

Yes coaching was thing I had to seek out beyond just education, though even today I am also serving weekly in the community as an online tutor and coach, exciting and part of a childhood dream, with coaching as an amazing extra framework enhancing what’s possible. Always open to extend my learning and add new tools for work with clients, recently upskilled coaching with SMJ, a very rewarding experience.
What about you? Are you ready to transform your life in new ways?

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