Be the speaker or coach you’ve
always wanted to be!


Have you always wanted to become a speaker or coach?

Do you wish to unleash your full potential so you can get greater results for your clients?

Are you ready to take your business to a whole new level?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you’re in luck because you have found yourself a solution. The truth is, amazing coaches and speakers are not born, they are made. Just because you weren’t born with the makings of a great coach or speaker doesn’t mean you can’t become one.

The way I see it you have two options, you can try to improve yourself without asking for any help but it might take you years before you can unearth what is inside you or you can give me the chance to help you quickly become the best coach and speaker you can be so you can finally live the life you deserve sooner rather than later.

Becoming a great coach or speaker is not just the only problem people struggle with. It’s also a challenge for coaches and speakers to find high paying clients and high paying speaking engagements. Many of them also feel frustrated because their coaching clients aren’t getting great results. Sometimes they wonder is all the effort really worth it.

Does this sound like you? Well, you are not alone.

I know how you feel because I was once in your shoes. I understand your pain. I’ve also had my fair share of struggles and that’s why I now share my experiences allowing people to have the speaking and coaching business they have always wanted.

I have strategies to help you move forward with growth and to increase your income. I will guide you and give you clarity in all areas of your life and business. The knowledge I have obtained and the skills I have gained over the many years of being a coach and a speaker are the reasons why I now have a very successful coaching and speaking business and enjoy all of the benefits that come with it.

I want you to…

Imagine a life where you get to travel the world for free…

Have the resources to help your family and friends experience a better life…

A life where you are able to choose the clients you want to work with…

All this is possible if you join my SMJ Coaching Institute.

In my SMJ Coaching and Speaking Workshops, you’ll get the chance to hear my story, learn by my experiences and be given the techniques I used to grow my speaking and coaching business. In my SMJ Master Coach Program, you will have the opportunity to participate in my speaking events where you will learn the latest trends and techniques in speaking and coaching that are designed to make you an effective speaker and coach. You will be personally coached and critiqued by me, gain access to my Facebook Secret Group and be given permission to use the SMJ Coaching Institute and SMJ Coaching Institute logo. Furthermore, you’ll be given behind the scenes access to the SMJ Coaching Institute events. And what’s more, you’ll be receiving referrals directly from the SMJ Coaching Institute. This program is your stepping stone to becoming a successful Speaker and Coach.

You see, there are people out there who need you – people who need your help, your service and your product, people who need to hear your story and yet they can’t find you.

Now is the best time to get out there and allow these people to get to know you. The SMJ Coaching Institute is a great avenue for you to help more people on a global scale. The SMJ Master Coach Program is a carefully designed program that allows you to become an effective Master Coach and Speaker who is able to help clients to discover their ultimate purpose and achieve what they most want in life.

The best of the best coaches are accredited through the SMJ Coaching Institute and we pride ourselves in being a part of this amazing global brand.

If you are ready to take that big leap and change your life and your business forever, get in touch with me and together, we will make that happen for you and break through the challenges that are stopping you from enjoying the life you’ve always wanted.

Simply click on this green button and I will be in touch with you.

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Event: 7 Simple Steps to Attracting High Paying Coaching Clients Webinar
Date: 20th April 2023
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