Fay Kelly
Fay Kelly works in the field of Health and Wellness to help her clients’ overcome obstacles that stop them from living their best life.


She incorporates over 25 years of experience and advanced hypnotherapy modalities, NLP, CBT, Energy work and Nutrition to help her clients to achieve the best possible outcomes in the shortest amount of time.

Her wisdom and experience come from a desire to empower people with the knowledge and tools to understand they have much more power to achieve a healthy fulfilling life in ways they never thought possible. Her own experience with a debilitating chronic illness that left her homebound motivated her to explore and research information from around the world to help people overcome problems that were often not serviced well with modern Western medical practices in her journey towards health.

Her specialties are Anxiety and Stress reduction, Weight Control and chronic issues around health and mental wellness including pain control. Her greatest joy has been in developing workshops to educate people about the power of their Subconscious Mind and how being aligned with a Divine Source can hasten the healing journey to wholeness.

Working in the Childbirth community for seven years, she also works with kids and is developing a program to teach children about their “Magic Mind” so they understand they have inner resources more powerful than computers and cellphones.

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