Kylie Chapman is passionate about life. She is dedicated to helping others, and she is also a fervent follower of Buddhism, which she discovered almost 20 years ago. With a background in Corporate Human Resources, her natural desire to help others with kindness of spirit and compassion eventually led her to a career in Life Coaching and Personal Development.


Having recently written her first book, and appearing in numerous magazines and other media, she has embarked on a speaking career to spread her message of Self Love.

At 52 years old, she has overcome a long list of challenging life experiences including IVF, multiple miscarriages, post-natal depression, overcoming and living with chronic illness, divorce, being a single parent, financial distress, and business failure. If that were not enough, add to it the everyday stressors of life we all experience, and you could say that Kylie has been through it all. These many challenges led her to over 20 years of personal development and growth through counselling, therapy, psychology, psychiatric and medical intervention.

Kylie has first-hand experience and understanding of the fragilities and strengths within us all – because she has been there. When newly separated 11 years ago, she was in no mental state to return to the corporate world, so she turned to cleaning houses and doing letterbox drops as the only way to earn an income. Within 12 months, she had discovered the online business world and so began the journey working for herself, from home.

Some of the businesses she started were a great success, others not so much. She made money and lost money and learned an enormous amount, particularly about herself. This again cemented her desire to continue to work in Personal Development.

Her Buddhist path has resulted in a long relationship with a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in Bir, India. Through large personal donations, she has been able to make a massive, tangible, everyday difference to the lives of the monks. Their extraordinary spirit is a never-ending inspiration to her and her teenage boys.

What means the most to her, however, is the ability to give back – in her case, to the monastery. She also mentors senior high school girls in the transition from school to employment.

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