If you are a coach, it is important to know what your potential clients are now thinking. Firstly, when you are selling courses, your audience or potential clients are absolutely sick of courses.

There are so many courses and free stuffs. They can just Google how to do something and get into a free course. The market is flooded with courses. If you’re doing courses, you really need to be pivoting right now to be ahead of the curve.

Secondly, your audience and potential clients are shifting from talking to to the talking with. Over the last few years, there’s been a lot in the courses – you’re talking to them, teaching them, training them, sharing with them and they’re over it.

Now, they’re wanting the talking with. They want to talk to other like-minded people or talk with you as the coach and in a group environment or a one-on-one. They want that talking with. Think about what you’re delivering to people, rather than the talking to, do the talking with.

Thirdly, the courses are now moving through to masterminds. In a true mastermind, they’re with like-minded people and they’re brainstorming, talking with others. A mastermind is not a talking to. No one runs a mastermind. It’s not talking to the group. It’s a collaborative talk with.

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It’s a talk with environment of high caliber coaches. This is not start-ups. This is not low-level income. This is for high level coaches at a certain point in their business and we talk with.

It’s time to pivot because your audience is changing, and you need to be changing with them!