A lot of people in the coaching industry just keep lowering their prices because they believe that their community or their potential clients will not pay. This is untrue. People will pay for value.


Great coaches ask great questions and then really listen to the answers. If you’re asking the questions, you’ll get to know the potential client very well and they will give you information so you know what their needs and wants are and whether you can deliver that with great value.


There has to be a very good combination of this knowledge and care. A lot of coaches talk to potential clients and they give them loads of knowledge, “I can do this.” “I’m good at this,” “I can help you with that.” But there’s no care. When you ask those great questions and you’re listening, you can feed back to those potential clients’ information that shows you do care.


Give your content. Add value from day one of meeting this person. Don’t be scared of sharing something, and then them not doing any business with you. Keep adding value by giving them more information or pointing them in the right direction to eBooks or blogs that you may have that will help them answer some of the questions that they may have.

Give. Do not hold back. A lot of coaches hold back and don’t give free stuff if there is no payment. That’s not a great attitude. That’s a lack of living in the world of abundance.

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What I do at my Grow Your Coaching Biz workshop is share with all of the attendees how I give with great value, but not give away my product which is in my cell. There is this dance of giving freely but not giving your entire product, so they’ll come along and want to work with you.