The biggest feedback from coaching clients and business owners is that they want more clients, and here are a couple of things to help you actually do that.

Set Time Aside in Your Week to Attract Clients

This is called client attraction time. If you’re not spending time attracting clients, then you will not get more clients, whatever that is for you, must be suitable for your business, your demographic, and who you want to attract.

Who Do You Want to Attract as New Clients?

It’s one thing to say, “I want more clients.” But what I say to my coaching clients is, you want more A clients – high paying, easy, great to get along with, likable clients, that’s why we go into business, so we can work with the people that we like.

But what happens is we get into business and then just start attracting anybody and everybody. You get D clients, then you spend 80 percent of your time on those clients, and then you don’t have any time to spend on attracting those A clients in your business. Get clear on who you want to attract.

Talk to People

So many times business owners wanting to attract clients, but they’re not talking to anyone. They’re putting a couple of posts up on social media. They’re doing research. They’re fiddling around doing anything but client attraction. The third point is make sure you are talking to people who are prospective clients.

How do you do that? Find ways to talk to them as a group and find ways to talk to them one on one.

I’m holding a webinar called Ideal Week, where I will walk you through designing your own ideal week and as a part of that ideal week, what we do is we set time aside for the client attraction.