A lot of business owners, particularly in service-based industries, want to hide their price. They’ll talk to a prospective client all day, tell them how amazing their product or service is, send them all the details, and then hide the price at the bottom of the email.


Reasons Why You Should Tell People Up Front 

Tell people up front about your price shows that you’re very confident about what you’re selling in your product or service and the value it will add to their lives. 


More Time to Consider: It also gives some time to consider. “Sharon’s told me it’s $25,000. I’ve just got to process that for a minute.” Because they might have been thinking $10,000, and so it gives them time to consider that, and then when you’re explaining the product, then they can go “Okay, I can see why it’s $25,000.” If you’re explaining the product first, then what are they comparing it to? The $997 program that someone else has tried to sell them? 


They Can Make Arrangements: The other reason you tell them up front is they can make arrangements. If they’re coming to a discovery session with you and they know that your coaching program is $25,000, then they’ll go “Okay, I can get that money from there and that’s my savings account” or “I can get my fixed deposit, it’s ending next week” and so in their mind, they can make arrangements of how they’re going to logistically get that $25,000 together if it’s a bit tight for them.


You Can Get the Client to Commit: The third thing is, when you come to meet with them, and you’re talking about how you can solve their problem, how you can serve them, you can actually get the client to commit. You can actually secure the client by saying yes and committing to your program. You’re doing the deal. There’s no excuse about “I have to go and think about the price,” they’ve already considered it. 

They’ve already had a chance to consider; they’ve already had a chance to make arrangements. If they’re right in front of you and they haven’t done that, then there’s some other problem going on, and they’re using money as the excuse. Don’t be afraid to have that conversation about price prior to meeting up with the client.


There are the three tips: 

Give them time to CONSIDER, 

Let them have time to MAKE ARRANGEMENTS prior to you meeting up, and 

Then when you do, you have THE OPPORTUNITY FOR THEM TO SAY YES. 

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