Why do clients make excuses not to buy from you? They will make excuses because they don’t want to be honest with you. They may not want to disclose what is really bothering them. 


An excuse they may use is price; they may use time; they may use a couple of things, not too many, there will be lots of variations. But they will use a couple of things that will make you think you have to adjust your business model. But in fact, there may be a lot of underlying objections or concerns, but they’re just using money or time as an excuse. 


Why Clients Make Excuses


If a client comes to you who is using an excuse like, “It’s too much money” or “it’s not the right time, or I don’t have time right now,” then know that there’s something bothering them that they haven’t disclosed to you. What do you do about that? You can’t really say, well you can if you want, but it’s not for you to say, “What’s really bothering you? You’re lying to me.” You don’t want to say that to your prospective client. 


The Four Why’s


Ask them ‘Why’ questions. There are FOUR WHY’S that you will learn in my Master Coach Program: Why me? Why now? Why them? Why this? 


Why me? Why would they want to do business with me? How am I different? What am I delivering? And then the, Why Now? Why not next year? Why not last year? Why them? Why do they need it? What’s their pain and their problem? And then why this program or service? Because there’s a lot of other people out there offering to coach. Why this particular coaching program? 


Give Them Enough Information


If you’ve given them enough information around the whys, it would have overridden their concerns, answered their questions, dealt with their objections, and made them feel more comfortable to say yes. 


If a client’s making the excuse that they don’t want to buy from you, then delve into the FOUR WHY’S and make sure you give them more information.


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