There is a big secret: People never, never not buy because of the price. They will say it’s because of price, but that’s not the real reason. First advice, hold your price because a lot of people are reducing their price because people say, “You’re too expensive, I can’t afford it.” But, it’s never the reason. 


Reasons Other Than The Price

One, people buy on the value of the product or service they’re receiving compared to price. It’s not that it’s too expensive. You just haven’t given them enough value. Is it going to help them with their pain or their problem? Do they believe what you say? If you say, “This is going to change your life,” do they believe you? You have to make sure that you’ve given them enough value in your product and service that price doesn’t become a problem. 

For example, in the HydroKleen franchise business, a lot of competitors are doing an air conditioning clean for $49, but the franchise partners average $200. We’re not even close, yet we are the largest cleaner of air conditioners worldwide. How do we do that? Because we give added value, we give a great experience. People will buy because of your product; it does the job; it helps them with their pain. It’s not about the price. 


Get It Right the First Time

Look within yourself, get your dialogues right, get your story right, why you are doing this, and the four WHYS you will learn from the Master Coach Program, get that right, so the consumer or the client truly understands what you’re delivering for them. They believe it, it’s clear, and price will not be a problem. 

If you need help around pricing your product or designing your story, designing the dialogues around selling your product or service to a client, reach out to me. 

It’s easy to connect with me, and I will help you out and get you some clarity around how you should be delivering that.