Hi! I’m Sharon Jurd and welcome to my Biz Blitz video and today I want to talk to you about how do you actually start a coaching business? If you’re out there and you’re in a job and you want to change up to a coach or you have been wanting to coach or have been doing a little bit of it, I want to talk to you today about actually starting a real coaching business.

Firstly, you need to do a course. You need to go and learn how to coach because a lot of coaches start a business and they have this talkfest with their client every week and think that they are adding value when in fact there is a real system or structure around coaching sessions. I do a three-day workshop here on the Gold Coast called Grow Your Coaching Business and you may want to look at that or someone else to help you start becoming a coach and do a course where there’s an accreditation where you are recognised around your coaching efforts.

Secondly, set your niche. Who are you going to talk to? Who are they going to be? Are they going to be business people or are they going to be women? Are they going to be men? Are they going to be old? Are they going to be young? Are they going to be in your area or across the world? Set up your niche so you know who you’re talking to.

Then design your coaching system. How often are you going to meet with them? What are you going to talk about in those coaching sessions? What are you going to do between the coaching sessions? What are you going to offer them? You need to set up your individual coaching system.

The next point is, promote yourself as a coach, particularly if you’re changing careers. And you may have even been doing it for a little while but some people still don’t see you as a coach. What they do is, they still see you as the plumber, the hairdresser, the bookkeeper, whatever you were doing previously, they may still see you as that. Make sure that you’re getting out to people and let them know that you’re now a coach.

And the last point today is practice, practice, practice! Make sure that you are practicing. What I teach is a Discovery Session, how you get that information from your coaching clients so you can best serve them during the coaching time together, the relationship that you have together. Practice how you promote yourself, who you are now as a coach. Practice, practice, practice. Don’t underestimate the importance of doing that.

So there are my tips today on how to start a coaching business. One, go and do a course. Two, set your niche. Who you want to be talking to? Who do you want to be working with? Thirdly, design your coaching system. Four, promote yourself out as a coach and lastly, practice, practice, practice!

If you want to do a course on coaching, I’d love you to join me here on the Gold Coast. I do a three-day, hands-on workshop called Grow Your Coaching Business. If you are wanting to start out or you’re already coaching, I show you everything you need to know and at the end of the three days, you are accredited as an SMJ Coach and you can go straight out and take high-paying clients to grow your business.

I’m Sharon Jurd. If you think this video is of value to your family, friends or colleagues, please share my video out because I want to help as many people as I can and I need your help to do that. I’m Sharon Jurd and we’ll talk very soon.