Do you want more sales? It’s really easy to get more sales. Why people don’t get more sales? Firstly, when people are standing in front of a prospective client, what happens is the person who has the product or the service, the business owner, is talking to their prospective client, they have a good chat, and they chat about all different things. They tell them about their product and their service and how good they are, how good the product is, how it would help them, how it would fix their problem, and they really make friends with this person. 


They get on really well; they have a bit of chat, laugh, and no selling’s going on. “No, we don’t want to pressure sell; we don’t want to push somebody into our product.” But people want to be sold to. Sometimes, the clients who were given the biggest push had the most massive results. If that’s what it takes to change their life, have some pressure or persuasion around your selling process because when they commit to you, you will help them change their life. 


A lot of people in business trying to sell their product actually don’t ask the client or the prospective client to make the sale, “Would you like to buy my product?” You just have to ask a simple question. “Would you like to sign up for my program?” “Would you like to say yes today to committing to working with me?” However you want to put it, in your own language, you have to ask the question. 


A lot of people in business tell a great story, sell their product, the prospective client is convinced, and they’re waiting for the salesperson to say, “Let’s do this,” and they don’t. 


The salesperson goes, “You have a think about it and let me know” instead of saying, “Let’s do this today, sign here, get out your credit card, give me your number,” whatever the process is for you, ask them to do the business. 


They’re waiting for it, they’re wanting it, they’re wishing you would get to it a lot sooner than you think because a lot of times, they’re already sold and you’re still chatting and making friends and babbling on instead of doing the business.


Make sure you ask for the sale, get the job done, and start helping people change their lives. 


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