When you’re running a business, you have people to deal with every day. It is almost impossible not to. It is a common belief that when you’re in business, you have to deal with all the challenges alone.

But it doesn’t really have to be that way. When you’re in business, a lot of times it is a very lonely place and you do feel alone. But at some point, you need to build relationships with other people to help you and your business grow.

Here are three groups of people you need when you’re growing a business.

  1. You need customers and suppliers.

You need to build relationships to keep your business going. You need to spend time with your current customers and your new customers, and also your suppliers that supply you product or services to make sure that your business keeps running smoothly.

  1. You need a coach.

You cannot be in business unless you have a coach. That’s my belief. All of the business owners, entrepreneurs who are very, very successful, who inspire me, who I look up to, who coach me, who mentor me, all of the them, everyone one of them, a hundred percent of them have a coach.  If you haven’t got a coach, consider getting one because you are behind the eight ball if you don’t. People in business now are realising that having a coach is an imperative part of their business growth and also their self growth.

  1. You need to do collaborations.

You need to be collaborating with people. If you’re running events, get together with other people and run an event. Get together with people who do podcasts, get together with people and do Facebook Lives. Look for the people who are talking to the same audience that you would like to talk to and do something together.

Firstly, it expands your reach to people that you previously didn’t know so you get to meet their tribe, their audience and give great value to their tribe and their people. Secondly, the best thing about collaborating is it’s a load of fun. Collaborate, do an event, get together with other people and that will give you a real excuse to spend some time with people you love hanging out with.

Growing a business has loads of challenges and sacrifices, especially when you’re doing it alone. It is always best to know what you want, how to do it, and who to do it with.

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