It’s really important to follow a very strategic plan when you go to sell from stage, whether it be online or offline.

The 5 Steps That Sell!

First is, make sure they are set up ready to hear what you’re about to sell.

Next is, make sure that you are covering off on all areas, so they understand what they are actually about to buy.

Third, how much is it and what are they going to get for their money?

The fourth thing is, always have that extra little something for them for being in the room right then and now. That’s something no one else will get outside of that event.

And the final step is, ask them to TAKE ACTION!

I see a lot of speakers, they’ll showcase their product.
Then everyone’s sold into the product, but then they don’t know what to do about it because the speaker hasn’t been clear on how they sign up. What link do they go to? Do they fill out a form? Do they go to the back of the room if it’s a live event?

Make sure that as a speaker, you don’t fall off the edge and not include that call to action.

Here’s a recap of the FIVE STEPS…

  • Position your audience
  • Showcase your product or service
  • Tell them the offer
  • Add the bonus, and then
  • Give them the call to action.

If you follow these steps very strategically, they will take action and say YES at the end of your sell.

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