Presenting in front of an audience is feared by some people. Feeling tense throughout your presentation is normal. Even experienced speakers can feel tense during their talk. Preventing nervousness requires preparation.

Here are three things you need to remember to speak more confidently.

1. Before anything else, you need to prepare and organize your presentation. A well-prepared presentation gives you more control of the flow of the talk. To do this, you can ensure that your notes are clear and precise. If it makes you feel comfortable, you can write it down on index cards or printed material.

If you have a technical guide like video presentations, it is best to ensure back-up storage of the same video just in case your video doesn’t play.

Most importantly, familiarize your talk and practice repeatedly.

2. Before your talk, visualize yourself in the presentation. Through this imagination method, you can reinforce what you want to look like, how you stand, and how you look at your audience.

During the presentation, use the same visualization method. Redefine your audience. Meaning, visualize the crowd as your “equal” and not people who evaluate you. Seeing them as judges will make you feel more anxious.

You may visualise them as your friends and move eye contact to each full stop. Through this method of visualisation, you can create a friendly atmosphere for the audience. And just like friends, engage with them all throughout your presentation. You can share some experiences that they may relate to throughout your presentation as well.

3. Don’t talk too fast. Usually, when we are nervous, we may rush through your presentation and finish too quickly. Rushing makes your anxiousness evident.

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