You love helping people. You love sharing your wisdom and experiences with others. You love inspiring others to reach their full potential. If you are all these, then a  coaching business maybe for you.

You can be a coach.

The thought of starting your own coaching business might be overwhelming and daunting. I’m telling you, though, to let go of these emotions, and…

Stop living your fears. Start living your dreams.

So, go right ahead and just do it! Take that first step into realizing your dream and become the coach that you’ve always wanted to be.

To get you started, let me give you some insights:

  1. Identify your market

Coaching is useful in many areas — such as in business, life, health, career, etc. Think about which area you want to be a coach in. Once you’ve identified your market, it’s easy to secure clients whose issues you specialize in. This way, you’ll become known as the go-to coach who can help provide solutions to specific issues.

Worried that there’s too many competitors in your target market?

Don’t be. Instead, think of it this way: There’s plenty of clients out there for everyone. There will always be people who will seek the kind of coaching services and solutions that you can offer.

  1. Create your business name

Use your name or nickname as your business name to build yourself as a brand. It’s a great visual recall for people to associate or identify you with your coaching services.

It’s also easier to get a domain name for your website. But if your domain name is already taken, you can try other alternatives such as using some forms of your name. Or, if this is not possible, create a business name that clearly defines your brand’s identity and services.

  1. Constantly learn new skills or knowledge

You know you have great skills, such as in public speaking, or you know some good marketing strategies. These things may get you started with your coaching business, but these are not sure recipes for success. Simply put, don’t rest on your laurels.

You, and your business, can always benefit from learning new skills or knowledge.

So, go out of your way to constantly learn something new. There are always trainings, webinars, or workshops that you can join in, or podcasts that you can listen to. Some of these may be for free. You, however, may have to invest a few bucks (or more) to join these types of learning platforms or services.

And when you’ve learned a new skill or knowledge, don’t just stop there. Hone and practice that skill until you’ve mastered it. Think of ways that you can apply that new knowledge in your business.

  1. Get a mentor

You cannot do business alone.

You need to have people around you who can help you and take you to the next level.

Here’s where you’d need a mentor to guide you to reach your ultimate goal…If you are wanting to achieve six, seven figures and beyond for your business. Your mentor would be a coach too, someone who has experiences and successful strategies in coaching.

In my upcoming three-day workshop, I’ll be sharing my exact strategies in my coaching business – from how to get clients initially to growing my business to six figures and beyond. So, join me on the Gold Coast for my three-day workshop called “Grow Your Coaching Biz” this May 10th, 11th, and 12th.