You want to relate to your audience without being “salesy”. I’m sure you do not want people to see you as a salesperson who is only wanting to sell them something. More importantly, you want the audience to feel that you have shared great value with them.

Here are three steps in making your presentation motivational and inspiring.

1. Know your audience. Before your presentation, know who is in the room. Start by researching the people who will be in attendance. Then, answer the following questions:

A.What do they want to learn from you?

B.What does your audience care about?

C.How can you help them achieve their goals?

Once you can answer these questions, you can structure your message according to their needs. An audience survey can sometimes be useful in helping you create a connection between you and your audience, including their beliefs, needs, and wants.

  1. Watch your words. To build a stronger connection during your presentation, remember, always include your audience in your sentences.

Be careful with pronouns. It is best to use ‘we, us, our, and you’. Repeating the words ‘I and me’ can make an impression that your audience is not part of your presentation. Create an atmosphere that will make them feel included.

Being careful with language can affect the way you deliver a presentation and the way your audience feels towards you.

  1. Highlight how your audience can benefit from your presentation without bragging. Identify your audience’s problems and then present a reliable and proven method for solving their challenges.

Primarily, they came to your presentation to seek advice and answers to problems they can’t solve on their own. This is where you step in.

Your role is to include yourself in the problem-solving without leaving them behind. As mentioned above, include inclusive pronouns that will make your audience feel like they are indeed in a journey of finally getting some answers to their problems.

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