Sandra Hayward
Sandra Hayward lives on the beautiful Gold Coast, Queensland Australia, where she was born and grew up loving the outdoors and beach lifestyle that many envy.


Happily married to Darren, they have one adult son, Matthew, who still lives with them, while studying at university.

Sandra is passionate about improving quality of life for everyone on the planet. This is probably what drew her to studying to become an enrolled nurse after completing her senior studies. She loves seeing people succeed and live their best lives.

Since 2014, Sandra has been helping people to create healthier home environments with Norwex, which provides a safer, more sustainable range of products used inmost homes every day.

Sandra has also worked in administrative roles from receptionist, book keeper to office manager, mainly in the construction industry, during which time she completed a Certificate IV in Small Business Management to add to her credentials.

In 2020, Sandra felt like something was missing and was drawn to undertake a course in Modern Hypnosis, originally for her own benefit as she wanted to understand it fully and how it can help others.

During that course she quickly realised that she could use what she was learning to help others live a better life.

Now with a Certified Hypnotherapist in her Coaching tool kit, Sandra offers her hypnotherapy sessions online, allowing her clients to experience the power of hypnosis from the comfort of their own home, no matter where they are based.

Coaching was a natural progression for Sandra as she was already doing this in her other roles and this experience could easily be used to support others.

Sandra is continually expanding her skills and knowledge to benefit her clients and loves being able to increase their ability tohandle such things as stress, overwhelm and any issues or habits limiting them in achieving their goals.

Sandra enables her clients to go after their dreams without any fears holding them back.
Sandra’s special interest is helping women who find themselves in a transitional stage of life, feeling a bit overwhelmed and unsure of their next steps.

When Sandra is not helping clients or caring for her family and friends, you will find her snow skiing, despite her hating the cold, walking on the beach or hiking whilst travelling and camping with Darren in their caravan.

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