Every presentation should start with storytelling. Sharing something personal is a usual way in engaging with your audience before going to the main content of your presentation.

During your presentation, you can start by letting your audience listen to a music clip, cracking a joke, or even sharing a personal experience that your audience can relate to. Through this, you can create a light and fun atmosphere for your audience to engage with them.

Do you want to know how to story tell without overdoing it? Here are the 6 things that you need to know.

  1. Scene. You can provide your audience with a scenario that relates to your main message. It is best to let them remember scenes that include where and when your situation happened. For example, you can introduce yourself by telling your audience where you lived and how you lived back then. That way, your audience can visualise your life.


  1. Struggle. After your introduction, share the struggle that you experienced that your audience can relate to. You can start by sharing what the things you were told you could never do. Essentially, this part answers the question, What was the biggest challenge you had to solve?


  1. Search. The journey towards solving your struggle starts in this section. After identifying what your battle was, share to your audience what you went through to solve it.


  1. Shift. During your journey towards answering your problem, what was the specific situation that made you decide to take on the solution? Shift is the light bulb moment that made you decide what the right way is. It is the stage of realisation and decision to partake a particular step towards your solution.


  1. Solution. This stage tells you how to take action and enables your audience to learn how you answered your problem and where you located the solution.


  1. Seed. This part is no longer than 15 words and is the last and concluding part of your storytelling. You can leave them with an inspiring quote to help your audience ponder.

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