Edua Potor
International Author – Executive Coach – Presenter – Researcher

Edua Potor is an Executive Coach, Career and Success Coach and Global Executive Search Researcher, experienced in identifying C Level Executives and Boards.


She interviewed well over 15,000 executive candidates and acquired a profound understanding of their unique challenges and health-related stressors.

Drawing from her personal journey of recovery and a comprehensive exploration of health and longevity, Edua wrote “THE AGELESS EXECUTIVE.”
In this groundbreaking book, she unveils essential strategies for enhancing your physical well-being, shedding excess weight, reversing the aging process, and rejuvenating your brain.

Edua’s quest for knowledge led her to study, research, and train under the guidance of renowned experts in health, wellness, and mind management, some which were Nobel laureates and leading scientists from around the globe, who have uncovered the secrets to health and longevity.

Born into a family that witnessed the Hungarian uprising against communism and endured subsequent expulsions due to political unrest in countries like Congo, Rwanda and Burundi, Edua’s life journey culminated in Australia. With experiences spanning 23 countries, she immersed herself in spiritual studies, embraced Eastern philosophies, explored various healing modalities and learned 5 languages. English is her fifth language and she remains fluent in French.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Homeopathic Medicine (BHM), AdvDip PR and a Graduate Certificate in English Language and Literature from the University of Oxford.

She is an enthusiastic student of life, consciousness, and longevity. Her overarching mission is to transform wellness in the workplace and be the catalyst for change where health, science, spirit and business intersect for the creation of a revitalized world.

Edua is currently residing on the idyllic Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia and starts each day with an energizing beach walk.

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