I love sharing with others how to connect and build long lasting relationships resulting in a constant flow of referrals which leads to massive business growth. Bringing my passion to others to Be Seen, Get Known, Make Money.


Janet’s WHY comes from knowing the benefit of, and putting into practice, to both her business and the business of others, of connecting business owners and forming Strategic Alliances.

Being a renowned Networking Expert amongst the Gold Coast and Brisbane community gives her a great source of trusted connections.

She has used her own style of connecting  or “ networking “ to grow a six-figure income for her own financial planning business & coaches business owners how to use this same approach and many of her  trusted procedures and steps, to grow their own businesses.

Janet connects people from her own network to benefit other’s business regularly and has become the “go to” connector for all who know her.

She easily works on your existing business to help you grow your business, effortlessly and easily and with passion and enthusiasm.

Helping you to Be Seen Get Known Make Money.

One on One Coaching -VIP Days – Key Note Speaking-Staff Training -Workshops

Together Steve and Janet Culpitt established Arrow Focus on Wealth in 1999, to provide Financial Planning and Personal Insurance Advice for their clients.

Janet’s role at Arrow is Business Development Manager and Rainmaker, where she uses her natural ability to formulate successful steps to achieve business growth and sustainability, meet new contacts & develop relationships to provide new business & continued growth for all parties.

Janet has a passion and knack for teaching others, speaking and forming valuable connections.

Janet knows how to develop strategic alliances, through her style of “networking” with proven strategies based on her own business and corporate experiences.


Throughout my career I have helped people work towards having a better life, in my roles as careers counsellor and educator. I love coaching people to re-invent their futures.


Despite, or maybe because of, her country upbringing, Sharon Davey has made a significant contribution to the Careers Counselling and Education sector in Australia. During her 30+ years’ experience as a Careers Counsellor, Educator and Coach she has brought her warmth and earthy humour to assisting thousands of people, of all ages, find their direction and purpose in life.

Sharon has held senior roles in the careers education sector including a state-wide careers curriculum position with the Victorian Education Department and is a past President of the Careers Education Association of Victoria. Over the years, she has worked in schools, TAFEs, universities and in the community services sectors, always providing a sensible yet visionary approach to her roles.

Sharon has also published a practical and useful book for young people entitled Awesome Careers for Gen Ys: easy strategies to create an amazing career & life. Her second book, The Ultimate Job Search Guide, will provide many people with helpful advice for job seekers of all ages when it is published soon.

Not content with all of that, Sharon has achieved the Competent Toastmaster level at Toastmasters International, been a Team Leader (twice) within the Communication Program at Landmark Education and is also a Reiki Master.

She also loves gardens, Facebook, her family, travel, good coffee and excellent red wine – not necessarily in that order.


I’m a mother, wife and daughter. I have managed my own successful business for many years. My purpose is to set women free from constraints that have held them back in their lives.


My sole purpose is to set women free from the societal and familial constraints that have held them back in their lives.

I do that by inspiring women through business coaching, inspirational and educational speaking, and on a deeper level with Creatrix® Transformology®. I am adept at getting to the root of a woman’s issues and directing her to resolve those challenges, in all areas of her life.

My own journey has been my greatest teacher. Raised by an emotionally and intellectually abusive father, I went on to make amazingly poor life decisions, each time learning lessons slowly but surely, the hard way.

Strangely that has been a huge blessing in my later years, as I have the ability to understand and relate on a deep level across broad aspects of life.

I held management positions in Retail Leasing in the ‘80’s, with LJ Hooker International, relocating to a position managing engineering proposals on the LADS Project jointly run by the Department of Defence and BHP Engineering, having been selected by KPMG executive assessment, highlighting intellect and innovation as highly useful skills and being described as a data junkie and a multipotentialite.

In the ‘90’s I worked for the Department of Education as a Bursar, and then The Mintaro OCGT Power Plant.

For the past 18 years I have been running the family business, a rural support service for farmers. I am one of only a few women in Australia who are actively involved in the industry.

Additionally, dabbling in many female oriented businesses since a young age, always succeeding to certain levels but left feeling that the male centric training did not fit the way women operate, I was seeking better ways to achieve goals.

In recent years, chronic illness forced me to reset my life goals and directions.

Finding Sharon Jurd and her business offerings has opened new doors and exciting directions as a Public Speaker and a Coach.


Building 7 figure businesses online and offline is what I love to help entrepreneurs do, I’m a serial entrepreneur myself as well as an executive coach and mentor to business owners all over the world.


Irene Lidvall saw success early in her career soon after she retired from her job as a tour guide in Europe. After several years as a tour guide, she decided she wanted more so she upped her game and pursued her ambition to make a living while still owning her life and having the control to live it as she saw fit.

After retiring from tour guiding, her tour guiding company, one of Scandinavia’s largest charter travel company, headhunted her back to become the Vice President for the company in Sweden, in addition to a seat on the Board in Denmark. From being a tour guide with no pressure to all of a sudden being in charge of the budget, staff, marketing and negotiating with airlines and bus companies, she ended up with a very high pressure and demanding job. She made a lot of money but she barely had the time to enjoy the fruits of her labour.

She soon moved to New York and started an accessory business called “Be Brilliant” – it was a strategic way to balance out affordability without losing the luxury look. Irene didn’t plan to become a brand and a success but she did. In fact, she was featured in famous magazines such as Elle and Woman’s World.

But it didn’t end there for Irene. She used her background knowledge on textiles and launched her second business called “Ragtrade”. She used her skills, passion and hunger for innovation to make this business thrive. In less than a year, her Ragtrade business turned over a total of one million dollars.

You could say success was tied to Irene’s name. However, it was a relationship breakup that led her to financial ruin. Her partner embezzled most of their working capital and disappeared, which left her with no choice but to fold the company. It was the lowest point in her life but what made Irene admirable was her determination to never give up. Despite having earned millions in her career and having that taken away and replaced with a $20/hour job, it’s remarkable how she can still find optimism in her situation.

Slowly but surely, Irene made her way because she knows that the systems and processes she built in all her businesses still worked. It was due to this realisation that motivated her to launch a coaching and mentoring business in 2012 called Secrets To Women’s Success. In 2013 and 2014, she published her book titled Secrets To Women’s Success, Dare To Win.

Irene hopes that her struggles and her successes will inspire and teach others the secrets and strategies to become successful entrepreneurs. She believes that business is a form of art and that you need both skills and the right tools to make it thrive. She channels her passion by helping women create successful businesses both online and offline.


I’m a wife, mother, business owner, therapist and success coach. My passion is encompassing natural health and wellbeing with modern day marketing and also personal and business growth strategies.


Donna Felder is a Wife, Mother, Business Owner, Therapist and Success Coach.

Having found her passion in her Mid 20’s Donna studied intensively to gain expertise and experience in many areas encompassing natural health and wellbeing.

This led her to become a Massage Therapist and Reiki Master. What Donna found was that there was more to the total well-being of her clients.

In the pursuit of helping others to be the very best version of themselves Donna added Hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy, Personality Profiling and Public Speaking to her tool kit.

Donna soon realised during her consultations she was totally motivated to coach others on achieving success in both their business and personal lives sharing all of her knowledge to move them forward in a positive way.

Donna has helped hundreds of clients build success in their lives ranging from: quitting smoking to increasing income and output in their business.

When she’s not swinging her arms around madly getting people up and about, Donna can be found dancing around the house (or car) belting out any one of her million favourite tunes (terribly) or sharing her (possibly not) hilarious sense of humour!

Now nowhere near 40 (1 year away) and always looking to grow and improve Donna has now decided to become accreditated under the SMJ Coaching Institute as a Master Coach and is keen to continue to share her energy and love of success with those looking for excellence in life.

Donna lives with her husband Ryan, their children Declan, Nate and McKenzie, also their dog Zeus and their cat Kevin.


Deidre has been on a self-discovery and personal development journey for over six years working with different coaches over that time and knows what it takes to make big changes to behaviour and to emotional responses from past triggers and pain.


Deidre has been on a self-discovery and personal development journey for over six years working with different coaches over that time and knows what it takes to make big changes to behaviour and to emotional responses from past triggers and pain.

She has four children, three grown sons and now a young daughter, she has a wonderful family life and loves working as a coach helping others reach what she calls freedom. Freedom from the hard times we give ourselves.

Deidre spent 2016 through to July 2017 caring for her brother during his terminal cancer diagnoses. During this time, she realised that unless we release the anger, the pain and the old belief systems that hold us in the past we remain stuck and unable to become our true potential; the best version of ourselves. Deidre ensured she had a coach to support her so she could support not only her brother, but in fact the whole family during extremely difficult days and situations and understands the value that a coach can bring to your life first hand in extremely trying times.

The tools and experience Deidre gained from such a highly emotional time in her life has been a driving factor in her desire to be a coach so she can support others to find their beautiful self especially during their life’s challenges. She is passionate with her commitment to her clients to make lasting change even if they are not sure what that looks like; who are just commencing their personal self-discovery journey and who are ready to commit and have a desire to improve their lives. Clients who are willing to be accountable to and of themselves and Deidre especially loves seeing her clients transform their lives from disempowerment to being empowered by their dreams and seeing that they can do whatever they want to do when they put the required steps into action.

Deidre supports her clients with coaching, Evidence Based EFT and accountability so they can find their true beautiful self on this life journey.

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